Online Off-life Mom – Dr. Ali’s Online – Off-Life Series

Majid Ali, M.D.

An online expecting mom,

Belly swelling off-life,

Pondering her unborn-online,

A life not-yet off-life.

Never hugging, nor cuddling,

Inside a stranger growing.,

Wondering, wandering off-life,

The online mom huffing, puffing.

Then arrives nine months later,

A newborn not-yet off-life.

Or perhaps five months later,

Or, in eleven months time?

Emotionless, bewildered,

The mom held the newly born,

Created and experienced off-life,

A baby sworn nor unsworn.

Naked, squirming, not-yet off-life,

Delivered under flashing, oscillating light.

Strange flesh, a product structured off-life.

A newborn online, not-yet off-life.

She stares at blood-smeared

A wet, contorting being,

An online daughter, not endeared.

Not touched, not moved, not elated.

Looking up, then down

On the closed-eyed, motionless body,

Then at the befuddled father

Years on-line, long off-life.

The online newborn jerks a tiny arm,

The online father shrinks back,

The ways of lives lived off-life

Online, online, and always off-life.

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