Pathways of the Soul of Sufi Women of Early Africa

Majid Ali, M.D.

I recognize the Sufi way to be the continuity of the maternal and tribal instincts of African women of the Rift Valley. Some scholars think that the word Sufi is derived from the Arabic root word of tausuff (meaning purity of the spirit). Other scholars claim the Sufism as recognized in the modern use of the time is Persian in origin. Clearly, these linguistic issues developed a very long time after the sensibilities and sensitivities of African women of the Rift Valley of earlier (pre-historic) times. They recognized what I call Pathways of the Soul at some deep intuitive visceral levels.

I recognized this much earlier African origin of Sufism during the writing of my article entitled “Africa: the Mother of Medicine”. In African mythology, nearly all deities with destructive portfolios (earth quacks, floods, lightening, and others) were males, while all deities with protective roles (rain, crops, and fertility) were females. Below is some text from that article.

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