Pathways of the Soul

Majid Ali, M.D.

One’s soul is the core of one’s being that knows not fear, nor remorse.

The soul exists beyond guilt and revenge.

The soul is love that knows not the color, creed, or race.

Pathways of the soul are conversations with one’s own core.

The body suffers, the soul does not.

The body withers, the soul does not.

The body ages, the soul does not.

Pathways of the Soul are the ways to reach God, goodness, or the glue that holds us together. This is the gift of understanding from our deep ancestors, the women of the Rift valley. Call it the Sufi way, if you prefer.

Below, I offer a part of a poem from my poetry book entitled “Drone Democracy” relevant to Pathways of the Soul.


A day for,

For trancing in every shrine,

Far, far,

From the mind of the malign,

Softly, sublimating,

Into the heart of the Divine.

A day for love,

A love,

That only soul can refine.

On the way to be a nobody.  

My book  “Drone Democracy” is available at  

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