Lashes – A Poem from Drone Democracy

Majid Ali, M.D.

Kill me, kill me,
Words escape yelping lips.
Male knees unyielding dig deep,
Into yielding female hips.

Her face buried in dirt, by
One of high and noble birth.
Her spread legs pinned to the rock, by
A holy man of mighty girth.

 Sacred faith flashed,
In a cold killers’ den
A 17-year-old lashed,
By bearded pious men.

No, no! not punishment,
Only a teachable moment.
Male judge, male jurors exhort,
Repent, O daughter of Islam,
Repent, repent, repent.

 Screams of a girl in burqa,
A circle of deaf men in taqwa,*
Justice so delivered
By Shariah’s fatwa.
*Taqwa is an Arabic word for the highest form of piety and enlightenment.
 In early 2009, a Swati teenager was accused of impiety. Two bearded pious men held her, face down in the dirt, while the third bearded pious man lashed her thirty-four times. She begged to be killed as other bearded pious men stood in a circle, savoring the application of Sharia law in Pakistan. What a difference eight years can make! What might the future hold for the oppressed of these lands?
 By some accounts, over three hundred schools for girls have been blown up in northwestern Pakistan. In Afghanistan, tactics used to keep girls out of schools included burning their faces with acids.

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