Wise Men of Washington – A Poem

Majid Ali, M.D.

A Poem From My Book Drone Democracy

Wise Men of Washington

Who is a Talib?

Politicians on the Hill know,

Talk of terror,

Keeps fear aflow.

Wise men in Washington,

For peace, they pray.

Human flesh, dripping blood,

War hawks in prey.

Freezing infants,

Too numb to whimper.

Children with open sores,

Mothers lost, eyes sunken,

In despair.

Afghan women, dark, lifeless,

Squatting in dirt, pride long gone.

“Winning hearts and minds”,

Warriors of Pentagon.

Nerds with joy sticks in Nevada,

Raining bombs on Afghansitan.

Drone democracy enforced,

With missiles in Pakistan.

Dead Pushtuns,

Decomposing in slimes.

Spewing compassion,

Columnists of The New York Times.

Who is a Talib?

Talib is singular for Taliban. Who is a Talib? Who is not a Talib? Eight years ago, these questions could not have been answered by my wife and daughter when they traveled extensively through Swat valley and other areas in the larger Afghan-Pak region. Then two women could travel there in complete safety and with full freedom, What a difference a war on terror of the deluded can make!

❉   ❉  ❉

Dr. Ali’s Poetry

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