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Online—Off-Life Video Series of Science, Health, and Healing

Majid Ali, M.D.

This is the age of Worldwide Web. The internet is here to stay. Indeed, the Science, Health, and Healing Encyclopediaits videos, video seminars, articles, and booksdepend on the internet. Still, there are important questions to be raised. Here are some important ones:

* What does internet offer children? What does it deny them?

* What does internet provide parents? What does it take away from them?

* What does internet bring to a society? What does it take away from it?

* Is internet empowering?

* Is internet democratizing?

To explore the above questions, I offer this OnLine / Off-Life Series. Following is the list of videos of this series with their links.

1. Online Off-Life Video Series

2. Is Internet Enlightening? –

3.  Does Internet Promote Democracy? Will It Ever Do So?

4. Online Off-Life New Mom —

5. Online Off-Life Doctors

6. Online Off-Life Fathers —

7. Online Off-Life Grandfathers —

8. Online Off-Life Grandmothers

9. Am I An Online Offlife Grandfather?

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Online Off-life Mom – Dr. Ali’s Online – Off-Life Series

Majid Ali, M.D.

An online expecting mom,

Belly swelling off-life,

Pondering her unborn-online,

A life not-yet off-life.

Never hugging, nor cuddling,

Inside a stranger growing.,

Wondering, wandering off-life,

The online mom huffing, puffing.

Then arrives nine months later,

A newborn not-yet off-life.

Or perhaps five months later,

Or, in eleven months time?

Emotionless, bewildered,

The mom held the newly born,

Created and experienced off-life,

A baby sworn nor unsworn.

Naked, squirming, not-yet off-life,

Delivered under flashing, oscillating light.

Strange flesh, a product structured off-life.

A newborn online, not-yet off-life.

She stares at blood-smeared

A wet, contorting being,

An online daughter, not endeared.

Not touched, not moved, not elated.

Looking up, then down

On the closed-eyed, motionless body,

Then at the befuddled father

Years on-line, long off-life.

The online newborn jerks a tiny arm,

The online father shrinks back,

The ways of lives lived off-life

Online, online, and always off-life.