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Cycle of the Soul – A Few Healing Words

Majid Ali, M.D.

Love to consciousness,

Consciousness to openness,

Openness to humanness,

Humanness to oneness.

Oneness to Divinity,

Divinity to love.

So completed

The cycle of soul.

Love to Divinity,

Divinity to love.

Taken from my book “Drone Democracy” available at

to love.,


What and How Do Not matter Any More

Physicians receive many letters from their doctors, some touching, some insulting. Most of them go unanswered. I also received a large number of notes and letters from my patients, most of which, I embarrassingly admit, went unanswered.

Below is a letter which I received from a patient diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig disease) by five neurologists. I wanted to answer but couldn’t. I didn’t think I really could do so and decided to respond to it in person during the next visit.

Dear Dr. Ali,

I may be doing the last of my handwriting so I decided to write and not type. I have experienced exciting changes over the past couple months. Although I am a little concerned about losing my right arm (my left has been gone for two years) and some/most of my independence, I feel like the good things far outweigh the bad. I have discovered spirituality for the first time in my life. I was always running—I was ambitious and aggressive as many others are in business USA. I always thought God was man-made in order to squelch our fear of death. But now I know something is inside me—I found that non-thinking/all-knowing place—maybe its heaven ? I believe the power to cure is there. I don’t know if I can tap into it—but if not, I still have found my soul. No matter what, the rest of my life is changed.

I only regret not discovering this place sooner. I feel full of light and I no longer (most of the time) judge people as much. There are people that hurt me, but it just seems to me that they are not in touch with their souls. They really are good in spirit, they are just out of touch. I know I can’t change them and wouldn’t try. I have enough to handle right now. I only wish my wife & kids could know the “steel”! feel so they will feel good about life and accept changes in me. You talked about cancer the other night—this seems a bit different to me. I have never had cancer, but I think it would be easier at first but more difficult as time goes on. I was told at diagnosis, unconditionally, that I will die of ALS by about five neurologists.

At first I had no hope. I could and did finally accept this for me—we all must die anyway. But I fought and fought for understanding because (I think now) of my children. They are 2, 4 and 6 years old. My work is not finished and this is the only remaining frustration I have. Also, I feel terrible about the tremendous burden on my wife, Denise. I have watched you now for several months and I have learned so much. I know you do not have much time for individual patients. I see how hard and long you work and I know you do not do it for ambition or ego.

You really care and try to reach as many patients as possible. I believe this. Also, most important, you gave me hope. There is no greater gift than hope. Ironically, now I no longer need the hope so much. And I no longer need the understanding. Why or how do not matter-when the bigger picture starts to form. One more thing (now that I have complimented you)-someone in your office missed a $250 service charge on me for vitamin shots. (I figured if I wrote a long and very dull letter with many thoughts poorly organized you might not get to this part and I would keep my money & be morally justified (ha). But if you are still reading than I may be a better, more interesting writer than I thought.)

Early on when we first met-you told me to write to you on occasion about what I am feeling. Well you asked me for it. Take care-you & your family.

Sincerely, Bob Z.

“I may be doing the last of my handwriting so I decided to write and not type.” I had felt a chill when I read Bob’s letter for the first time. And I feel a chill again now that I write about it. A patient chooses to send his last handwritten words to his physician! What greater honor can any physician ever hope for? Bob knew he may not be able to write again as the paralysis of his hand became complete, and he chose to honor me with his last hand-written words! His physician of all the people! Where does one draw the grace to do such a thing? Has any physician ever received a note from his patient more overwhelming than that? I wondered as I felt a crushing weight of gratitude. “I was told at diagnosis, unconditionally, that I will die of ALS by five neurologists. ”

I feel a lump in my throat as Bob’s words reverberate in my mind. “But I fought and fought for understanding because (I think now) of my children—they are 2, 4 and 6-year old. “I tried to understand too—make sense of what could not be made sense of. How does one understand what Bob was going through?

The big picture!

How did any of Lou Gehrig’s fans understand what he must have gone through? An image of Gary Cooper at Yankee Stadium rose in my mind. He played Gehrig in a movie (I think it was Pride of the Yankees) and made a moving speech—Gehrig’s farewell to his fans. He must have made many of them weep—just as Cooper did in the movie. “Also, most important you gave me hope. There is no greater gift than hope. Ironically, I no longer need hope so much. Bob’s words returned with a rush of sadness and confusion. “And I no longer need understanding. Why and how do not matter -when the bigger picture begins to form. ” The big picture!

A prayer rose to my lips: Allah, when it is time for you to take back from me all your graces, please leave me with just one last gift: the grace to accept your will the way Bob has accepted it.

Fungi, Fermentation, and Zombies


Majid Ali, M.D. 

 Fungi contribute mightily in maintaining our planet’s oxyphil-oxyphobe Below I present a poem from my book Drone Democracy. First, I reproduce a short article from The New York Times of August of 25, 2014 which provides a fascinating look into the natural order of oxyphil-oxyphobe.

Fungus Turns Ants Into Zombie Booby-Traps

A fungus compels infected ants to die near their colonies, ensuring access to a steady stream of new victims, researchers say in PLOS One. Before killing a carpenter ant, the fungal parasite prompts it to climb vegetation in rain forests. After the ant dies, it stays attached to the leaf, from where the fungus can drop spores on unsuspecting passers-bys.


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Ophiocordyceps camponoti-rufipedis,

a fungus, growing out of the body of an infected ant.




Ophiocordyceps camponoti-rufipedis,

a fungus, growing out of the body of an infected ant.

What Is Health?

Majid Ali, M.D.


Health is recognition of—and being comfortable with—one’s own divinity, during periods of certainty as well as of doubt.

Health is waking up in the morning with a sense of the spiritual—without any need to analyze what the spiritual might be. It is knowing that spirituality is a language of silence. And that the real answer to the problems of stress and anger is spirituality, not psychology.

Health is living with the certain knowledge that love, like water, flows in one direction. We are sustained by the love we offer and depleted by that which we demand.

Health is life with a deep sense of gratitude —gratitude not for any
accomplishment of the day before or for accumulations of yesteryears, but for simply being. An ENT surgeon from Greece once attended my lecture at the meeting of the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy and expressed a common frustration: “But this is utterly new to my Greek thought!” Well, if the concept of gratitude for simply being is foreign to us, we need to learn about it. In reality, that notion of gratitude is very old, in all likelihood as old as human consciousness. I consider that one of the most important human insights.
Health is freedom from chronic anger that feeds upon itself. It is living with a purpose. Life cannot be sustained without a purpose

Health is the ability to treasure personal time— with family, friends, or alone in silence.

Health is as much energy before meals as it is after them.

Health is returning to bed at night with the same level of energy with which one wakes up in the morning, going through a day’s work with steady-state energetics.

Health is living with the notion that food fuels the furnace of human metabolism; exercise stokes its fires. Health is reflected in toned-up muscles and supple joints. That requires regular noncompetitive high-frequency low-intensity — limbic, in the language of autoregulation — stretching and exercise.

Health comprises living, dynamic and vigorous bowel, blood and liver ecosystems—and of all cellular ecosystems elsewhere in the body.

Health is two or three effortless, odorless bowel movements a day—without mucus and cramps.

Health is aging with vitality and grace. Some gurus of anti-aging medicine have declared aging to be a disease, curable with exotic potions they sell. I do not understand them. We Americans are obsessed with aging. Aging, we are told, is another name for losing. We lose hair. We lose vigor of our skin. We lose strength of our muscles. Our eyesight dims. Our ankles swell up. We lose sharpness of our mind. Health, in that context, is gracious acceptance of the essential trade-off between all of those things on the one side in return for the richness of insights and enlightenment which advancing years bring.

Health is oxygen homeostasis. Oxygen is the organizing principle of human biology and governs the aging process. That is the primary theme of this series of volumes. From that perspective, health is a vigorous oxygen metabolism. Health is freedom of cells from stagnant organic acids that accumulate in fluid within the cells as well that which bathes them—and suffocates them. Health, then, is structural and functional integrity of oxygenes and oxyenzymes. It is optimal utilization of oxygen in cells and intercellular matrix. It is intact and functioning gateways of life — cell membranes that mark the boundaries between life within the cell and that which exists outside, and separate internal order of a cell from external disorder. Health is robust two-way energetic-molecular traffic between cells and the soup of life that bathes them.

The crucial importance of the “oxygen model of health” in clinical medicine is this: It requires a sharp focus on all elements that put oxygen homeostasis in jeopardy regardless of whether counsel is offered for health preservation and healthful aging, or therapies are prescribed to reverse chronic illhealth, as well as to support anintegrative management for acute illness. Indeed, I hold this principle of cellular energetics to be the singular scientific basis of integrative medicine. I illustrate this principle by citing the example of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. In the prevailing pharmacologic model, the initial phase of hyperthyroidism of that entity is treated with thyroid-blocking drugs, whereas hypothyroidism, which  nearly always occurs in its later stages, is managed with replacement therapy. No considerations are given to factors that might have caused thyroid injury in the first place. By contrast, the oxygen model calls for a diligent search and effective 

management of all the bowel, blood, and liver-related elements that jeopardize oxygen homeostasis, induce autoimmune responses in the thyroid gland, and so set the stage for Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

In essence, health is being kind to the body so the body can be kind to us. It is respecting one’s food. It is a sense of what one’s right weight is, and what one needs to eat to maintain it. It is living without fear of hunger or obesity. It is an awareness of one’s own divinity and a respect for the language of silence— for sensing, observing and knowing— one’s relationship with what exists within onself as well as what one is surrounded by.

For readers with deeper interest in the characteristics of health presented above, I recommend Healing Miracles and the Bite of the Gray Dog2 and RDA: Rats, Drugs and Assumptions.3 Below, I include some text from the latter volume in which I proposed a conceptual model of what I then called energetic-molecular medicine.

The empirical medicine must now evolve into an “eneregetic-molecular (EM)” — a medicine that holds the enduring principle of empiricism of the ancient healing arts and adds to it the science and technology of energetic-molecular dynamics of the health/dis-ease/disease continuum…. This is a medicine based on EM events that occur in molecules (and cells and tissues) before they are injured and changed. It is not based on the study of how dead and decaying cells and tissues look under the microscope after they have been damaged by disease.

Health is the ability to treasure personal time— with family, friends, or alone in silence.

Anxiety, Love, Biology, and Psychology


Majid Ali, M.D



A young woman takes a look at her first newborn and experiences intense bonding. Is that a matter of biology or an issue of psychology? Does this bonding arise from months of shared biology or created by some elements of psychology? For an answer, we need to consider what psychology is. Here is what, according to Wikipedia, psychology is: “Psychology is an academic and applied discipline that involves the scientific study of mental functions and behaviors. ” So, is the instant mother-baby bonding (and love) the result of shared biology or application of some mental functions and behavior by either of the two?

What Is Love?

Love is a tedious subject. It is best to resist the temptation to write about it. Still many of us cannot do so. Here are some words on the subject taken from my book “Drone Democracy” (available as a download from


Love is to celebrate,
A crystal without creed,
A dew drop without color,
A raven without race,
A river without religion

Love is to be,
A Muslim on Fridays,
A Jew on Saturdays,
A Christian on Sundays,
A Hindu on Mondays,
A Buddhist on Tuesdays,
An agnostic on Wednesdays,
A nobody on Thursdays.

What day,
Makes my day?
Might it be a Thursday?
A day to be a nobody.

A day for,
The language of silence,
The commerce of compassion.
A day to live,
A day to love,
A day to be true,
Giddy on life,
A day to be a nobody.

A day for,
For trancing in every shrine,
Far, far,
From the mind of the malign,
Softly, sublimating,
Into the heart of the Divine.
A day for love,
A love,
That only soul can refine.
On the way to be a nobody.


Does anybody ever become a true nobody?

As Roots Are to Roses, So the Bowels to the Brain

                                                                                     Majid Ali, M.D.

Death begins in the colon, so goes an ancient saying. In 29 years as a hospital pathologist, I examined over 14,000 colon and over 2000 skin biopsies. I have practiced integrative medicine for about thirty years. The core lesson my microscope and patients taught me is: as roots are to roses, so the bowel to the skin. The true answer to chronic skin diseases is rooted in the contents of the bowel.

My patients have taught me the follpowing crucial lessons:

* As Roots Are to Roses, So the Bowels to the Brain
* As Roots Are to Roses, So the Bowels to the Skin
* As Roots Are to Roses, So the Bowels to the Heart
* As Roots Are to Roses, So the Bowels to the Liver
* As Roots Are to Roses, So the Bowels to the Kidney
* As Roots Are to Roses, So the Bowels to the Adrenal

Death begins in the colon, so goes an ancient saying. In 29 years as a hospital pathologist, I examined over 14,000 colon and over 2000 skin biopsies. I have practiced integrative medicine for about thirty years. The core lesson my microscope and patients taught me is: as roots are to roses, so the bowel to the skin. The true answer to chronic skin diseases is rooted in the contents of the bowel. This is as true of psoriasis as it is of eczema, acne, chemical dermatitis, and other disorders.

For interested readers, I offer “Dr. Ali’s Course on Bowel Health” comprising four 35- to 45-minute long video seminars, which can be downloaded at

My patients have taught me the follpowing crucial lessons:

* As Roots Are to Roses, So the Bowels to the Brain
* As Roots Are to Roses, So the Bowels to the Skin
* As Roots Are to Roses, So the Bowels to the Heart
* As Roots Are to Roses, So the Bowels to the Liver
* As Roots Are to Roses, So the Bowels to the Kidney
* As Roots Are to Roses, So the Bowels to the Adrenal

Death Begins in the Colon

Death begins in the colon, so goes an ancient saying. How could the sages of those times have figured that out?

I have In 29 years as a hospital pathologist, I examined over 14,000 colon and 5,000 stomach biopsies. I recognized the profound insight of the ancients and the shallowness of the prevailing thinking in neurology and psychiatry. The restoration of bowel ecology is crucial for treating disorders of mood, memory, and mentation—including anxiety and depression—with superior results. My clinical experience shows that the intensity of such symptom- complexes is profoundly influenced by adverse food reactions, mold allergy and toxins, and metabolic roller coasters. The long-term results are better when physicians focus more on the bowel than on the brain. Degenerative neurological disorders—multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and others—generally respond poorly to drugs prescribed by neurologists, while measures to restore bowel ecology often give superior results.

The Bowel Has a Mind of Its Own

The bowel has a brain of its own. It comprises an enormous network of neurons (nerve cells) and nerve fibers. The brain cells of the gut forever engage in vigorous cellular cross-talk—adding layers of complexity to functionalities of the bowel. There is an elegant simplicity of design for the local control of local affairs—autoregulation, in my language. Simply stated, a population of specialized cells (interneurons) provides both the hardware and software for the “bowel-wide web.” The bowel also has a mind of its own. It listens to the brain but only up to a point. When the chips are down, it prefers to listen to its own voice—and works by its own design and instinct. Psychiatrists are fond of prescribing drugs that alter the function of serotonin—Prozac and Paxil, for instance—to treat depression. They do not consider the fact that nearly 95% of serotonin production in the body occurs in the alimentary tract. This is one of the scientific facts that explains my clinical findings: (1) the brain function cannot be optimized without addressing toxicities of the environment, foods, and thoughts; and (2) the issues of toxicities cannot be addressed without restoring bowel ecology. Clinically, Castor-Cise (see sidebar) is my top priority for bowel detox and the restoration of the bowel ecology.

Castor-Cise is my term for an integrated program of: (1) a castor oil liver detox based on the ancient Indian tradition; (2) a castor oil bowel detox based on the ancient Chinese tradition; (3) a sesame oil oral detox based on its empirical benefits; and (4) limbic, non-competitive, meditative exercise. I prescribe Castor-Cise two or three times a week for my patients and urge them to alter and personalize this program for themselves after they have learned the basic routine. In my view, castor oil primarily works by normalizing the electromagnetic charge on cell membranes. Full details of DR. ALI’s BREAKFAST are available at For a full scientific discussion of the subject, I refer professional readers to my book, Darwin, Dysox, and Disease, 2nd. edition (2008), the eleventh volume of The Principles and Practice of Medicine.

Directions for Oil Rubs

Apply gently warmed castor oil to all areas of the abdomen, chest, and neck for two or more hours. Wear an old T-shirt for protecting other garments. Do exercise, household chores, work, walk, jog, or whatever you fancy. Most of the oil is absorbed through the skin. Shower or clean skin with a wash cloth

Ambulance Lessons Not Learned Who Promotes Ambulance Trips? – Who Prevent Them? Who Promotes Them?


                                    Majid Ali, M.D.

Who can prevent ambulance trips? Who can prevent them? In my case the answer to both questions is the same: Me.

To focus on the week before an ambulance trip awakens one’s “Healer-in-the Mirror.” To focus on the week after an ambulance trip further enriches our disease maintenance system (the “System”). To focus on the week before an ambulance trip awakens one’s “Healer-in-the Mirror.” People who were rushed to a hospital in an ambulance for imagined or real heart attacks, strokes, or organ perforations need to know the real meanings of these statements. In reality they seldom do so.

Every time someone consults me after suffering a heart attack or stroke, I am interested in events during the week before he was rushed to a hospital in an ambulance. Without exception, the patient is even more interested in relating in great detail all the events that occurred during the week after the ambulance ride. I focus on events before the ambulance ride because that is where I can serve the patient best to prevent the need for similar rides in the future. Why is the patient obsessed with events before the ride?

It is only natural for the individual in a screaming ambulance to recycle endlessly the events of their frightened, sometimes tormented, rides in their mind. They thrive on relating those events to anyone willing or able to listen. But such renderings do nothing to set free their constricted blood vessels and nourish their oxygen-starved cells. Rather the trips recycled their images and incarcerated their body organs under duress deeper into fear and helplessness. Many such trips increase the probability of repeat ambulance trips. Every ambulance trip adds to the System’s riches and impoverishes the rider. Each trip adds to the cumulative shift of power in favor of the System. The System, of course, knows this well.

What Does Tycho’s Story Say About Ambulance Trips?

Tycho has much to say on the subject of ambulance trips and shifts in power balance. Who is Tycho? I anticipate the question. Please Google the following three words: Tycho, Ali, and Breathing. You will like Tycho and his message.

What More Do I Have to Say About Ambulance Trips?

Humans are energy beings. Every cell in every body organ is an energy being. Cellular health is a matter of how cells generate clean energy and how they use that energy efficiently and to good purpose. So begins the language of what I call healing literacy. This is the language people need to learn concerning the week before ambulance trips.

The System does not profit from healing literacy. It profits from—and therefore is utterly committed to—other types of literacies, especially from disease-literacy, drug-literacy, device-literacy, and procedure-literacy. Ambulance trips and weeks following them fan the fear and frustrations of weeks and months following such trips. Some years ago, I introduced the terms healing-literacy, disease-literacy, drug-literacy, device-literacy, and procedure-literacy to draw attention to this crucial issue in all considerations of health and healing.

Who Promotes Ambulance Trips? Who Can Prevent Them?

I ask the reader to reflect on the questions and then see if their answers are different from my answers given above. Who can prevent repeat ambulance trips? Of course, it is you. Who else? Where do you begin? With your mirror. How do you proceed? Read below.

How Does One Find the Healer-in-the-Mirror?

The first step, of course, is to find the courage to look into the mirror. The second step is become healing-literate. This cannot be done with disease-literacy, nor with drug-literacy, nor with device-literacy. I have devoted more than four decades to a serious study of the subject of literacy in healing traditions. For individuals interested in healing literacy to avoid or minimize ambulance trips, I suggest beginning with a study of the following three free courses on

1. Spiritual Healing Course
2. Fermentation Course
3. Oxygen Course

Who Can Prevent Repeat Ambulance Trips?

I return to the question in the subtitle of this article. Who can prevent repeat ambulance trips? Of course, it is you. Who else? Where do you begin? With your mirror. How do you proceed? Take my free Spiritual Healing Course at