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A Drug for Preventing Divorce, And One for Getting it


Majid Ali, M.D.

Today is February 25, 2015. I have some ecstacy and am very eager to share it with you.  If I am ecstatic, you might be so as well—well, let’s say, to some degree.

Here is what I am ecstatic about. For some years – for decades, truth be told – I have deeply resented the fact that we doctors have been excluded from rich profits of the divorce business. What irks me most is that lawyers have fought us out of it completely. And they remind us at every opportunity that medicine and law are sister professions. Some sisters! All that is about to change, starting today. Now we doctors can share some of this gravy as well. So I love the prospect of sharing what the lawyers have had for themselves for long.

One Drug for Divorce, One Against It

We now have a drug for preventing divorce. And one for helping our patients get it. And here is the best part: it is the same drug. Vyvanse. I say that on the authority of The New York Times. What could be more authentic? Here is an excerpt from the The New York Times article (Feb. 25, 2015):

“In 2011, the F.D.A. cited Shire, which is based in Dublin, for misleading advertising, and last fall the company paid $56.5 million to settle federal charges that it improperly promoted Vyvanse, Adderall and other drugs. Among the allegations, which Shire denied, was that the company played down Vyvanse’s addiction potential and said it would prevent car accidents, divorce, arrests and unemployment.

I am excited and remain hopeful!

Molly, are you listening?