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A Muslim Crisis Cries Out for a Musim Response – Commentaries

Majid Ali, M.D.

The title of this post was the title of a radio essay which I presented on Janaury 10, 2015 at WBAI radio, New York (99.5 FM) and heard online at http://www.wbai.org. This essay was offered as commentary on events of Paris murders on January 7, 2015. Following is the link to that radio essay:


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Below is the text of a letter which I received from a thoughtful listener. I am grateful for her contribution on the subject:
Dear brother Ali the question you posed on Saturday involving the reason why Islam has become the face of terrorism is not a easy one to answer. I myself was born in the US raised as a Muslim women and I am a African American. My parents taught me that the best way to live  as a person who believes in Allah is by example. Therfore they taught me to be courageous,humble,kind ,respectful of all life,and to always be prayerful. This is the sunnah that they encouraged me to follow of our dear prophet (Saws).
The problem that I see in our community is reflective of a global situation. The root being greed,ego,self-righteousness, racism,  poverty,and ignorance. As a black women I can bear witness to what happens  to people who feel that they don’t have a stake in their destiny. We have made many attempts to throw of our past but. whether openly, systematically,or subliminally  we have been beaten down. As a result the explosions that we are inflicted with have been internal. A cultural suicide.
I believe that within the various Muslim communties those who commit these acts are also disenfranchised and are being manipulated by forces who seek to have power. These forces are able to manipulate Islamic teachings in order to brainwash their followers. They target Muslims who are ignorant of the Prophets teachings, Many Muslims have not read their own Quarans or studied the hadith. They convince them that Allah will grant them Jenna for their acts.  To a person who feels hopeless and is looking for salvation from a world they believe is unjust they can be easily manipulated to believing that they are justified in their actions.
If you can corrupt a man’s heart he will forever be blind. I believe that only way we as a community can solve this is to educate our Muslim community and to fight against those who have corrupted the teachings of the Quaran and sunnah. We must work hard to eradicate spiritual and educational poverty. We must help our children to empower themselves through education and economics. But most importantly we must teach them to pray and allow Allah to do his work. For if we strive to live with integrity and we declare jihad on ourselves instead of killing innocent people. Allah will bless us and come to our aid.

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